Intimate Hygiene


Puberty & Mensuration


Puberty is the most stressful time for the teenage girls and most of them are clueless. We educate the teenage girls to prepare for Puberty by education the natural Body cycle, puberty signs and that is normal part of life. We prepare them mentally to build up confidence by educating them at various places like schools, social gathering, NGOs and ever personally

Personal Hygiene


In India, still many women are not comfortable to talk about the Menstrual hygiene and issues related to it Being her side, we open up them to talk and share about their issues & experiences. In the conversation, we discuss & educate them the useful tips, available products & Solutions
Sex Education


when it comes to Sex & intimate Hygiene education, Age and Generation Gaps are the crucial to break the ice on conversation Being Parents or being Daughter, we found that it’s tuff to talk about the Menstruation cycles We help the parents by mentoring them so they can discuss and care their lovely daughters being her side.
Sanitary Pad


We distribute the sanitary pads at different places and occasions by along with Awareness campaign & Education sessions We distribute sanitary napkins among women & girls in various drives.
Women empowerment


We encourage opportunity seeking women to sell the intimate hygiene and personal care products at macro levels Thus, with time flexibility and profit sharing, we help unemployed and needy women to be empowered and to be self sustainable