Riya Hygiene

Quality, Comfort & Hygiene

with Affordability is our prime motto that drives us. We believe that getting affordable quality Hygiene is the right of every women.

Riya Hygiene is dedicated to provide best in class Feminine Hygiene with affordability. Our Founder Mrs.Tulsi Patel observed that many girls and women are using the personal hygiene products but not aware about real hygiene. In some cases where they know though many compromise the hygiene and quality when it comes to affordability and price that leads to many intimate hygiene issues especially during periods and post period days. We at Riya Hygiene, always strives for best in class products.

Riya Hygiene launched it’s first ever premium collection under the name of Riya’s Cherry with two of most demanded sizes."


“Affordable Quality Product” is our tagline and by that our mission is to reach 2 million women users to establish ourselves in the Feminine Hygiene Market by 2024


Our brand name shall be pronounced as the “Quality Mark” in the FMCG under feminine hygiene products segment.